Behind the Counter

The concept of mobile business, or a business on wheels, is the latest trendsetter in more ways than one. They drastically slash the costs and labour associated with traditional retail set-ups, have lower overheads, always have the flexibility to move around to places that offer more potential to generate business, and are perfect for galvanizing customers creating a direct connect with the end users. Mobile business ventures have tremendous potential for expansion and replication, making it scalable and profitable. Most entrepreneurs are thus turning to the concept of mobile business because they are fairly inexpensive and easier to get started. Interestingly, they provide ample space where ideation and creativity can be played around with ease and flair, offering infinite scope for expression, artistry and design.

From running a quick serving restaurant off a truck to selling services of salon, spa, tailoring, physiotherapy from boutique outlets on wheels, mobile enterprises have grown to encompass an eclectic mix of products and services.

So, if you are planning to host the next T 20 or FIFA World Cup in your backyard or stadium, we are there to deck your event with our ultimate custom tailgating vehicles!

And if you are planning to organize a lavish wedding for your valued client, you can add a glamorous mobile vanity studio in your kitty to pamper guests with a choice of make-over, draping and hair styling for that special occasion in the comfort of the premises.

Putting up a showcase of your products on a mobile platform for demonstration, business promotion and brand expansion is another wonderful idea that can be accomplished by building experiential marketing vehicles that literally take the concept of business on wheels one step further.

All it takes is that you share your innovative ideas with us, and we assist you with picking the right vehicle based on your requirement, and remodel it into a classy yet professional business space. You can even give us an old truck and we will redesign it into a decked-out mobile shop. Vattaram Business On Wheels focuses on understanding your vision completely and providing a customized solution basis your needs. We ensure perfect packaging of your services so that they resonate with your target market.

If you don’t see your idea here, great! Let’s do something unique together. We are out-of-the box thinkers, and there is really nothing outside of our capabilities.

The Innovators

Choosing a manufacturer to build your dream truck or shape up your mobile venture can be daunting. Vattaram Business On Wheels, one among the early start-ups in India, realized this very soon when the founders of the company struggled to get their own ideas executed. This is what inspired them into action and address the growing demands of the market. Hereon, began the story of making conventional businesses a part of history, and evolving creative space for more and more businesses on wheels.

With a good idea in his head and a clear vision of where they wanted to be, Vattaram Business On Wheels was founded by Adhiyan Ravichandran Aware that the early stages of any business can be overwhelming and have surprises, the company was initiated in 2020

The primary objective of the company is to create a niche in the fabrication line, primarily customized trucks that serve as platforms for any kind of business, be it food, films, makeovers or art. Vattaram Business On Wheels provides one stop innovative automotive solutions to your dream ideas, putting them in motion.

Why Us?

What makes Vattaram Business On Wheels different from others in the market?

  1. We build to the highest standards.

  2. We can fit any budget or time-frame.

  3. We have all major aspects of the manufacturing process in-house: from creative designing of your truck to fabrication and final branding, all under one roof.

  4. Every vehicle we make has to pass our rigorous quality and safety inspections.

  5. Whether you are utilizing a used truck or a brand new vehicle, you can be assured of highest quality fitments in equipments and accessories.

  6. We follow customer-focused approach to have an in-depth understanding of your requirements, product application, wish list, prime characteristics, value proposition, and likewise. Thereafter, our development team gets involved for a feasibility study, product planning ensuring the right design, specifications, features and characteristics of the vehicle.

  7. Extensive care is taken for truck body integration with chassis and systems (e.g., AC, Heating,Electronics, Voice and Data Communication, Ventilation, Lighting, Trim and Seating etc.)

  8. Extensive care is taken towards weight optimization, standardization and modular designs, that are validated and tested for minimizing defects.

  9. Great emphasis is given on the selection of vendors for ensuring effective and qualitative supply chain system, ensuring high standards of aesthetics and performance.